Bird Watching

Northern parks

Northern parks are home to countless bird including many Tanzanian specialties (grey-breasted spur fowl, Fischer’s lovebird, Rufous-tailed weaver, ashy starling and yellow-collared lovebird) more than 40 raptors including vultures, eagles, harriers, hawks, falcons and kites. turacos, starlings, barbets, woodpeckers, sunbirds, honey guides, larks, chats, water bird and more.

Southern parks

like Mikumi, Ruaha and Selous are where we look for miombo woodland specialties such as pale-billed and trumpeter hornbills, Reichenow’s woodpecker, Dickinson’s kestrel, violet-crested turaco, brown-necked parrot, pale batis, miombo rock-thrush, orange-winged pytilia, and broad-tailed paradise-whydah. These are also good general birding sites with an abundant avifauna of storks, herons, raptors, bee eaters, weavers and more. When in the south we sometimes bird the vast kibasira swamp, where 3 new bird species were discovered in the last 10 years. We stand a very good chance of seeing both the two distinctive cisticolas which are as yet undescribed and the Kilombero weaver.

Eastern Arc Mountains

Long isolated from other highland blocks, the flora and fauna of these mountains have evolved into a significant number of endemic and near-endemic species. Birding in the Uluguru, Usambara and Udzungwa Mountains we look for fuelleborn’s boubou, white-chested alethe, Usambara akalat, African tailorbird, Chapin’s apalis, Mrs. Moreau’s warbler, spot-throat, loveridge’s, banded, and Uluguru violet-backed sunbirds, and Usambara weaver. Other species, which are harder to see but also occur are : dapple-throat, long-billed tailorbird and Udzungwa Forest partridge.

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